New Series on Denver Nuggets’ Star

Denver Nuggets' Emmanuel Mudiay

I’ve been working the last couple months on a new project about Emmanuel Mudiay, the star rookie point guard for the Denver Nuggets. The series is being produced by a company out of Los Angeles. I’m a big basketball fan (the Oklahoma City Thunder and Washington Wizards are the two teams I follow closely) so it’s been a thrill to be a part of the production.


Even better, Mudiay is the anti-Dwight Howard, which is to say he is far from being an NBA diva as one can be. Only 19, Mudiay was born in the Congo and raised there until he was five. His family relocated to Dallas, TX. He spends most of his time with his family, including his two brothers, and practicing. On this evening he was working on his jump shot with friend … at 10pm.

Real Superheros in San Francisco

Doug Gritzmacher in San Francisco

I spent this week in San Francisco producing a new film for AARP. Two months ago we produced our first film for them about a 52-year-old mother who skateboards at skate parks. It has been a big hit, attracting 3.6 million views on Facebook and half a million views on Youtube.


For this shoot, we did a story about Roxanne, a 54-year-old woman who lives in Alameda. She and her crew done superhero costumes of their own design and hit the alleys of San Francisco’s Mission District to pick up used needles. Additionally, the pop a “Street Boutique” of donated clothing for the homeless. Roxanne and her crew are making the community a better place one good deed at a time.


I am posed here (left) with Roxanne, director Steve Dorst, AARP producer TJ Cooney, and our PA Juan Ruiz.

“Parables of War” 11/16 in Boulder, Colorado


This film directed by Nina Gilden Seavey and for which I was director of photography will be presented at the Sans Souci Festival of Dance Cinema at the Canyon Theatre in Boulder, Colorado, Monday, November 16. I will be there to help present the film. If you are in the area come check it out and say hi!


This production was shot with a Canon c300.



In Southern California, “Skateboard Mom and the Sisters of Shred” is an all-female group of hundreds of avid skateboarders — some of whom didn’t pick up the sport until they were in their 50s! I served as director of photography and colorist for this short film for AARP, formerly known as the American Assn. of Retired Persons. It’s part of their “Fearless @ 50+” campaign, and was picked up by ESPNw. With more than 3.5 million views on Facebook and half a million on Youtube, these inspiring ladies are achieving a new brand of “air time”!


This production was shot with a Canon c300.

“GI Jobs” Airs tomorrow on DirecTV!


I’m pleased to announce that my new feature documentary film “G.I. Jobs” is premiering on DirecTV’s Audience Network Saturday, Nov. 7, during the week of Veterans Day. I produced this with my producing partner, Steve Dorst, and we are the first production company that DirecTV chose to work with as it ramps up its original documentary programming. Shot entirely in 4K, “G.I. Jobs” also will be available on DirecTV’s on-demand “4K Showcase.” It will be available on iTunes in early 2016.


It’s been an intense and rewarding year working on this film, which is set in Los Angeles. A big thanks to our subjects Alex, Andy, Aneika, Christian, and Doreen. We appreciate you letting us into your lives! Through your experiences, we gained a better understanding of the many challenges that vets face when they transition out of the service. We’re also impressed with the good work of Los Angeles’ community of veteran service organizations: From the Vet Hunters to the Salvation Army Haven to Reboot, we appreciate the opportunity to “watch you work” (with the Red Epic on our shoulder). You are an inspiration!


“G.I. Jobs,” airing on the Audience Network, Saturday, Nov 7. Channel 239. 8pm & 11pm ET.


This production was shot with RED Epic 4K camera.

New Film on Reston, VA, premiers Saturday


During the last couple of years before I moved from Washington, D.C., to Denver, Colo., I worked as a director of photography on this feature film about Reston, VA, a suburb outside Washington, D.C. Only Reston wasn’t like most other suburbs. It was founded in the 1960s by Robert Simon who thought there was a better way to create a suburb. Simon passed away two months ago. I had the pleasure of meeting him and filming him as he walked around the lake that he created and since lived by.


The film is directed by Rebekah Wingert and premieres this Saturday at the Virginia Film Festival.

Walmart Commercial Shoot in Denver

walmart shoot downtown denver colorado


Yesterday I worked as the director of photography on a new commercial for Walmart. Our crew descended on Denver’s 16 Street Mall to talk to various passerbys. Walmart recently raised their minimum wage and our host would play a news clip saying as much while our passerbys would try to guess who the company was. Several people answered with Starbucks, Apple, and McDonalds, so that the answer was Walmart came as a surprise to many.


The entire crew on this shoot was fantastic. This month I have twice now had the chance to work with several new people (to me) in Denver’s production community and working with this crew was a pleasure.

This production was shot with a Canon c300.

Shoot at Johns Manville in Denver


This week I got the opportunity to work with the awesome guys over Image Brew on a shoot for Johns Manville at their location in Denver, Colorado. They have a new product called a GoBoard and we shot a video demonstrating all the great features of this new product. GoBoard is intended as a replacement for such other materials as cement board. GoBoard is many of magnitudes lighter than cement board and you can cut it with a key!

It was fun working and meeting some new crew members here in the Denver area. I’ve been hear over a year now and still getting a sense of the production community.