Canon Cine Primes in Action

canon cine primes c300

Last week I had a chance to work with Canon’s set of cine prime lenses for the first time on my Canon C300. The verdict? Uh, awesome!


Image Brew, a production company in Denver, Colorado, contracted with me to shoot a commercial for Northwest Credit Union, which is based in Oregon. Director Justin Springer and I worked on location in Eugene and Oregon City, shooting profiles of three businesses that all use Northwest Credit Union.


The first was a woman who had quit her 80-100 hour per week job to start a doggy day care business. She is thriving … and has a lot more time to enjoy life. The second was a rescue unit that often responds to injured or lost hikers. We shot them working on Mt. Pisgah, where the above photo was snapped. The final story was of a couple who started a general store and restaurant at a location in Oregon City that is seven miles from any other service establishment. During their first week in business, they had a group come into the store and tell them their large group would eat there every Friday to help make their business a success.


All great stories with great people. It’s these kind of shoots that make me love my job.

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