New documentary on Zbigniew Brzezinski

By Doug Gritzmacher

Director of Photography, Cinematographer
Denver, Colorado, Google+

By Doug GritzmacherDirector of Photography, Cinematographer
Denver, Colorado, Google+

This week I began shooting for the producers of a new documentary film about Zbigniew Brzezinski. Our first interview was with Brzezinski himself (screengrab above), who is a Polish American political scientist, geostrategist, and statesman who served as national security advisor to President Jimmy Carter. The documentary covers his involvement in and views on national security and foreign policy beginning with the Kennedy Administration to modern day affairs. During my time as a political science and foreign affairs junkie (since recovered) I found myself in agreement with much of his ideology, especially his emphasis on human rights. Today, I am more interested in good stories and to that end Brzezinski did not disappoint in telling this tale:
At a news conference, when Carter was asked about the new pope, Brzezinski says that …