By Doug Gritzmacher

Director of Photography, Cinematographer
Denver, Colorado, Google+

By Doug GritzmacherDirector of Photography, Cinematographer
Denver, Colorado, Google+

First Run Features struck a deal today with Netflix to carry my film, “Soldiers of Paint“. The film was released in May on DVD, iTunes, and Amazon, but excitement about those platforms paled in comparison to the response we got to the Netflix news. The posting on the film’s Facebook page received more than 100 “likes”, and 22 “shares”, far and away above any other post ever made. You would think the film had just won an Oscar! The response to this news is telling about where Netflix stands in the minds of audiences in comparison to other delivery methods. Is Netflix now the de facto platform for movie content? It seems that way. If landing a first rate distributor in First Run Features and getting on iTunes and Amazon did …