By Doug Gritzmacher

Director of Photography, Cinematographer
Denver, Colorado, Google+

By Doug GritzmacherDirector of Photography, Cinematographer
Denver, Colorado, Google+

Over the summer I served as director of photography on this spot for the Foundation for Biomedical Research. My friend, Steve Dorst, directed. The spot begins and ends in Sally’s hospital room, taking us through time to experience the myriad people and honest work involved in the discovery, development, and approval of lifesaving medicine.
It was a lot of fun to shoot as I had the opportunity to create storyboards and employ stylistic lighting (with the help of gaffer Chris Walter). It was also a challenge — the graphics were not to be created until after the shoot so we had to work with our best guess as to what they might do and look like. The graphic artist,  Peter Von Elling, I think you’ll agree, did a phenomenal job, way above and beyond what …