“Years of Living Dangerously” now on Showtime


I was up in New York City a couple weeks ago and noticed ads for this series plastered all over the subway system. I had the pleasure of serving as a cinematographer on it last year for a variety of episodes in the series. It’s directed by Joel Bach, a veteran of “60 Minutes.” He liked the look of ’70s lighting style—dark, high contrast, moody—which I was only too happy to accommodate. The series airs on Sundays at 10pm on Showtime. Check it out!

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Doug Gritzmacher By Doug Gritzmacher
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  2. CHE BELLO SONO TRNATI I VANDALI…. si perchè non siete molto altro, perchè non vi comportate in altro modo… siete dei VANDALI, criminali, pericoli per il vivere civile… mettetela cmevolte m state dimostrando un ennesima volta di non saper creare u dibattito cotruttivo!!!!TANTI SALUTI VANDALI…

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