Photography work appearing in “The Americans”

By Doug Gritzmacher

Denver Director of Photography & Cinematographer

Tonight’s episode, the sixth installment in the show’s second season, features a scene in which I contributed a background image. The FX show (Wednesdays at 10pm) is based in Washington, DC, but shot mostly around Brooklyn. This episode contains a scene in which three of the show’s main characters meet at the middle of a bridge. They show’s creators needed a Washington, DC, background to replace the Brooklyn background in the shot so Phosphene, the NY-based post-production house that does the show’s visual effects (and which employs my friend Lea Prainsack as a post-producer), commissioned me to provide an image of part of the Washington, DC, skyline that includes Georgetown and the Roosevelt and Key bridges. It’s a pretty amazing process as the visual effects artists have to matte out the Brooklyn background frame by painstaking frame.


I shot a background image for an episode in “The Americans” first season as well, but it was before the show had debuted so I had forgotten the name of the program by the time it premiered in February. I became a fan of the show and when I saw episode four I was pleasantly surprised to find my background shot! Pretty cool.


This week I am working on a background image for season two’s finale.

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