Another Day, Another Billionaire

By Doug Gritzmacher

Denver Director of Photography & Cinematographer

warren buffeft cnbc

Last week I found myself meeting three billionaires in the span of two days, which is three more than I had ever met before. The first was connected to a Showtime series on climate change I have been working on this year. The other two I met while shooting stills and behind the scenes footage of CNBC’s “Squawk Box” show with my Canon 5D camera. Warren Buffett (above) was one and the other was Spanx founder Sara Blakely (you’ll notice in the photo above Mr. Buffett holding a box of Spanx, which Ms. Blakely had gifted to him during the previous segment. Mr. Buffett may or may not be currently wearing Spanx).


Prior to receiving his box of Spanx, Mr. Buffett predicted (correctly) that Congress would reach an agreement to fund the government and avoid default. He also spoke about some investing strategies, including one that I read some time ago while investigating investment strategies for myself, but was nice to hear him say it in person: If you are not a pro or don’t have the time or knowledge to match a pro then invest in index funds.


But it was Ms. Blakely who stole the show when she joined the set mid-way through the morning. She had the host, Becky Quick, in stitches and the rest of us on set holding back our laughter with this story: While making an appearance on British talk show, she was asked to describe what Spanx do for the body. She explained, she said, that they are designed to slim the fanny, while lifting and separating it. At that moment, she said, all of the host’s color immediately drained from his face, and then after a couple silent seconds, he changed the subject. After the interview, she found out why the host had reacted in such a way — “fanny” in England is slang for vagina.

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