By Doug Gritzmacher

Denver Director of Photography & Cinematographer, a website owned by Vox Media that profiles features about all things home, recently launched a video division.  Their first project is a massive story on “10 Streets That Define America.” One of the streets they chose to focus on is Wynkoop Street right here in Denver, Colorado. They contracted with me to work as a field producer and cinematographer and director of photography on a video profiling the street.


The final published story and video may be found here. Two of the major landmarks on Denver’s Wynkoop St. that we focus on include the Wynkoop Brewery and Union Station. The producer of the series really loved a commercial I produced and shot for Hatchlab about seedling farmers in Boulder. She was interested in a similar style but also wanted to add smooth tracking beauty shots of the street. This was a perfect opportunity to use a newer piece of gear in my arsenal, which is a DSLR handheld gimbal made by Ikan and called “The Beholder.” It is just robust enough to accept a Canon 5D without weight issues. When I slap that on, voila! I’ve got instant steadicam-like shots. Well, maybe not instant, as it does require a bit of practice to get smooth shots, but once you have that ironed out the set up is quick.


Check out the shots of Union Station and Wynkoop I got with the setup in the final video.

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