Garibaldi & The World Cup

By Doug Gritzmacher

Denver Director of Photography & Cinematographer


Last week I got a call to do a shoot of an artist performance at the Brazilian Embassy. The day before the event I got the call sheet and noticed the event was sponsored by Budweiser. Brazilian Embassy and Budweiser? An odd pairing to be sure. As is often the case with shoots I am on I know very little of what it actually is before getting on site. So I was curious to find out what was in store.


Turns out the artist was David Garibaldi, a popular performance painter. And Budweiser? Well they are sponsors of the 2014 World Cup, the drawing of which to determine the groupings was happening that morning. So the Brazilian Embassy was hosting an event to coincide with the drawing in Brazil and Budweiser brought in Garibaldi as the main attraction.


If you have never seen Garibaldi work, it is a sight to see. Above is the finished video from my shoot. For more check out his videos on Youtube. I’m particularly fond of the Michael Jackson performance.


For my shoot, we used my Canon C300 as the A cam and my Canon 5D and Sony EX1 as the two time-lapse cameras. One was on a slider driven electronically by an Oracle motor. This lets you get those cool shots that have popped up all over the place recently where the camera moves throughout the time-lapse. Initially we had it set to move over the course of 40 minutes to capture the length of the time it take to complete the painting but as you can see the movement barely registers ( I was told the editor would be speeding it up, which they seem to have elected not to do). The last time-lapse shot was done over an eight minute period and here the effect definitely reads.


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