Looking For A Full Service Video
Production Company in Denver?

By Doug Gritzmacher

Denver Director of Photography & Cinematographer

In addition to my business as a freelance Denver cinematographer I own and operate a full-service Denver video production company. So if you are in need of not just cinematography, but concept development, script writing, editing, a video production crew, motion graphics, or some combination of those, please visit our site and check out our work.



The only problem with that for me is I didn’t want to take off all those other hats and wear just one. Cinematography happened to be the area I enjoyed the most at the time and one I was recognized for  by my peers. I also happened onto a path that helped lead to a career in cinematography. But before grad school I had already had the opportunity to perform a number of video production roles in a professional setting.


My third internship (I had four) was for a think tank that had a video production unit that produced a weekly half-hour television show for PBS. The other intern and I lobbied hard for the opportunity to produce our own episode. We got our wish. So we collaborated on producing, writing, shooting, and editing an episode devoted to the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty.


I did something similar in film school with another partner. Together we created a short documentary film that went on to win several film festival awards.


So when I got out of film school and had established myself as a freelance cinematographer, I wasn’t ready to give up being able to perform in other video production roles. So with the same partner of that student short film I set about producing a feature length documentary film.


That video production project provided me with the opportunity to raise money, produce, hire and oversee a video production crew of 14, be the director and director of photography, editor, graphic designer, and movie poster designer.


After that project I realized that the video production process—in its entirety—is the one place where everything I love to do is needed and where I feel most at home. So with the success of that film I launched a full-service video production agency that is now based in Denver where I live.


Together with my producing partner, we create documentary films, corporate video production, and nonprofit video production. The company is named after a tributary that leads from the C&O canal to the Potomac River where I spent a lot of time in my kayak when living on the East Coast.


My video production company produced the commercial video above for Eley Law Firm based in Denver.




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