New Commercial for Delta Dental in Denver

By Doug Gritzmacher

Denver Director of Photography & Cinematographer


Last month I had the opportunity to serve as director of photography on a package of PSA spots for Delta Dental based here in Denver, Colorado.

Delta Dental is a dental insurance agency that created these spots to deliver a message about the high level of sugar content in fruit juices. Now, I’m a big fruit juice drinker. I’ve enjoyed two glasses of orange juice in the morning since pretty much day one. Other people have coffee. I have OJ.

So it was with horror that I shot these PSAs. It would seem to be something of minor miracle that I still have all my teeth. Since shooting I have not curbed my OJ consumption (a life without OJ is not a life worth living IMO), but I do think twice before picking up that apple juice or lemonade at another time of the day.

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