New Website!

By Doug Gritzmacher

Denver Director of Photography & Cinematographer

Wait, it looks exactly the same?


If that was your thought, then I have done my job. At the suggestion of my graphic- and web-designer friend Whit Gurely,  I migrated to a WordPress platform. Apparently, this trend has been underway on the rest of the Web, but somehow passed me by. Better late than never!


I dig the trend, and it’s good for all of us. WordPress, and an increasing focus on SEO-friendly practices (read: better results in google searches) has led designers away from all the bells and whistles that had begun to crowd website pages to the point of inducing massive headachses among us browsers.


If you are still thinking “hey, I thought WordPress was a blogging site?”, you would be forgiven. You are thinking of WordPress dot COM. WordPress dot ORG is what Web developers use to build sites that include WordPress blogging functions. At first I thought it would be design-limiting and unsure I would be able to keep my existing design. But after many, many hours of learning to wrap my brain around code (and much hair lost!), I managed to preserve most my site’s original design.


If you have done some jumping around on the site, you’ll notice the biggest change is the inclusion of a real-time blog. On my last site I used Photoshop to create my blog. It was a long process and not exactly crawl-friendly for search engine bots. The new blog will enable me to update more frequently, including pics and news from the upcoming Breckenridge Film Festival, where my friend Courtenay Singer’s film “Out of the Fire” is having its world premier (I was the film’s director of photography).


More new sites are upcoming. I’m in the process of setting up separate entities for my photography business, including separate websites for my commercial and assignment work as well as fine art work. All will be under the umbrella, as Gritz Cinematography is, of my parent company, Gritz Arts. So, stay tuned for more!

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