Real Estate Cinematography

By Doug Gritzmacher

Denver Director of Photography & Cinematographer

Doug Gritzmacher operates the Freefly Movi

This month I had the pleasure of producing and shooting a video for a commercial real estate broker. I got to work with several fun toys on this one, including the Freefly Movi, which is a gimble system that allows for smooth camera movement. I love it because it frees me up to create movement with the camera in any way I chose.


This being a real estate video, we of course needed aerial photography. I have been casually training myself on drone operation but for the time being I am unable to do so for commercial purposes. This is because the FAA requires UAV operators to possess a pilot’s license and a Section 333 exemption. Pretty steep requirements but understandable since UAVs are dangerous and it pays to have someone with experience and credentials behind the wheel.


Jonathan Gruber operates a drone for videography


So I work with Elite Air Productions. They come as a two-man operation with dedicated operators for both the piloting and the camera. This comes with several benefits — first and foremost it allows the pilot to keep his eyes squarely focused on the drone. You’d be surprised how easy it is to lose a drone in the air. Elite Air’s pilot, Jonathan Gruber, is a commercial airline pilot, so he comes with thousands of hours of experience logged at the controls. I was pleased to see that safety was his first concern: he would land the drone any time a pedestrian or auto approached.


Check out our work below in the finished piece.


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