Ah, Vail.

By Doug Gritzmacher

Denver Director of Photography & Cinematographer

hgtv in vail colorado


At the top of my list of reasons to relocate to Colorado from Washington, DC, earlier this year was access to some of our nation’s finest ski resorts. I love snow, especially anything involving physical activity therein. So when I got a call from Tricon Films to help shoot and direct a pilot episode of a new HGTV show set in the Vail valley and they asked me if I was interested, my answer was, “Um, let me think about that for exactly one second … yes!”


Vail is perhaps my favorite ski resort in the US. Sure the village is nice (the entire thing is heated from underground) but the real reason you come to Vail above all else are the back bowls. If a ski resort has one back bowl, they are doing well. Vail has six. And oh yea, there’s also Blue Sky Basin—an  entire mountain of ungroomed glade skiing.


But—ahem—we are here to work. And down to work we got today. The contractors are renovating a rustic cabin-like home near Eagle River in Minturn, a few miles down the road. Today’s task: cut out a section of the wall for a new door. It’s not often you get to stick a chainsaw through the wall, perfect therapy if you’ve got a little pent up anger. It hasn’t snowed in Vail for a five days, but as you can see these guys found another particulate under which to bury themselves—saw dust!


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